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Are accountants born or made? In my case it is a bit of both. Certainly, I seem to have started early.

Paulina has run a successful accountancy practice in London since 2009. Today, she works with a wide variety of clients, individual and corporate, and is particularly acquainted with the needs of the construction industry.

In fact, even at the tender age of nine, I was ‘crunching numbers’ in my mother’s DIY store, calculating how many wallpaper rolls a customer might want for a specified room, or working out what size of hook was required to hang a mirror or picture frame. I was especially good at counting money, so when the time came for me to decide a career path, it was pretty obvious which direction I should take!


After completing my Masters degree (Finance & Accountancy) in 2003, I came to London where I was lucky enough to gain experience in some of the most demanding and most respected accounting environments in the country, including spells with Numerica and Turnbull & Asser (a Harrods concession). However, while working in the corporate world has many rewards, I felt that its demands and pressures made it difficult to provide the levels of dedicated personal service clients deserve. So in 2009, I decided to ‘do my own thing’ – a course that would give me the freedom to offer my clients the kind of individual attention that, often, larger firms cannot afford to provide.


Today, with over seven years of successful trading behind me, I have many happy customers, both individual and corporate. You could be one, too!

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